Hi, I'm Nan.  First of all, thanks for checking on my site!  I'm an application developer in Atlanta, GA. Trent is my boyfriend. When Trent and I have a free time  or every weekend, we ALWAYS head up north to the mountains  most of the times in North Carolina, or Tennessee. We love all the outdoors; hiking, backpacking, road biking, mountain biking... you name it.  We have been doing this since we first met (Feb 27, 2010).

I started taking outdoor pictures  with my cheap camera phone. Trent saw that so he got me a Canon Powershot as a 2010 Christmas present.   I loved that camera. It's light, and took a very good picture... at least for my standard at that time.  So I used it for 2 years.  The more we go out, the more hiking we do, I noticed that the pictures I got from those trips didn't do much justice of how beautiful the scenery really was.  Many times we did hard hiking , long distance, no showers for the whole weekend, burnt a lot of energy, ate crappy camping food, got soak by rain...   to get to those beautiful places... and when I came back home, I felt like I deserved  to have good pictures from the trip that really can remind me of how awesome and beautiful the trip was.  

Therefore, on June 22, 2012, I purchased my first SONY A77 DSLR camera and determined to use this as one of my camping gear every where I go.  (Trent thought I was crazy to carry this heavy  &**  camera on backpacking trip.)  Today I can say wholeheartedly  that it's worth every single sweat I shed carrying it everywhere I go.

I started this website mostly because of my own pleasure.  I love to be able to sort through all  of the memories I have.  Another is to be able to share this with family and friends (many of them are my models in many pictures).  And the last, which is  very important, is to be able to share my experience to the world.  As I'm always surprised to discover a new place and see how beautiful a place on earth can be, I think to have it only for myself won't be fair.  

Let's go outside!,



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